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Tubular Thick Film Ceramic Resistor

What's Tubular Thick Film Ceramic Resistor?

Tubular Thick Film Ceramic Resistor is a Non-Inductive design and advanced thick film technology to be printed the thick film resistor on the base ceramic substrate (95% alumina) , which has good heat conduction, high mechanical strength and good heat dissipation; The encapsulation adopts silicone resin which has good insulation performances. Tubular Thick Film Ceramic Resistor has the characteristics of withstand high voltage, high precision and high stability. Tubular Thick Film Ceramic Resistor also calls Thick Film Tubular Ceramic Resistor which provides excellent performance for high peak power or high-energy pulses. Bulk construction advantageously produces an inherently non-inductive resistor; and it allows energy and power to be uniformly distributed through the entire ceramic resistor body.

Tubular Thick Film Ceramic Resistors are ideal for a wide range of requirements in equipment such as radar, motor drives, broadcast transmitters, RF amplifiers, semiconductor process, power conditioning, xray, lasers, medical defibrillators, and energy research. Tubular Thick Film Ceramic Resistor can be manufactured in many geometries and sizes, from fractional watts to kilowatts. Design requirements for custom sizes, surface mount, or special footprints can be met easily.

Tubular Thick Film Ceramic Resistors are used extensively for high-frequency RF loads in broadcast and communication equipment because of their non-inductive characteristics. Tubular Thick Film Ceramic Resistors provide excellent non-inductive power-handling capacity at frequencies into the gigahertz range, with no sacrifice in power dissipation.
◆ rated power: 2.5w-20w

◆ resistance range: 10 Ω ~ 1000m Ω

◆ allowable deviation: ± 1% ~ ± 10%

◆ temperature coefficient: minimum ± 50ppm (25 ℃ ~ 105 ℃)

◆ insulation withstand voltage: > 1000VDC

◆ insulation resistance: ≥ 10g Ω

◆ working temperature range: - 55 ℃ ~ + 225 ℃

◆ maximum working voltage: 48kvdc

◆ inductance: non inductive

◆ connectors: tinned iron cap

◆ resistance installation: Welding

◆ overload: 5p value does not exceed 1.5umax5s, Δ R≤±0.2%R

◆ service life: rated power 1000h, Δ R≤±0.5%R

◆ steady state damp heat: mil-std-202, method 103, condition D, Δ R≤±0.4%R

◆ thermal shock: mil-std-202, method 107, condition C, Δ R≤±0.2%R


Motor drive circuits

Snubber circuits


Capacitor charge/discharge

High-frequency circuits

Impulse generators

High-voltage circuits

X-ray equipment

High voltage power supplies

Laser/Imaging equipment

Capacitor charge/discharge

RF dummy loads

Dynamic braking

Transformer protection

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