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S1141(TG130)、 S1000(TG155) 、S1000-2(TG175) 、S1600(CTI600) 、S1155 (Halogen free)、S1141KF(Anti-CAF)

AD250C(AD Series:RF Applications)

DiClad 522(DiClad Series: Low Loss Laminates)

CuClad 250GT(CuClad Series: Cross-plied Woven PTFE)

RO3000 Series (Ceramic PTFE,Microwave/RF applications)

RO4000 Series (Ceramic Hydrocarbon,Microwave/RF designs)

TLX(Low DK base material,Reinforced PTFE)

RF-30(High Volume antenna material, PTFE)

TSM-DS3(Dimensionally stable low loss laminate)

Mercurywave 9350(High Speed, Low Loss)

N4350-13 RF(Microwave Performance, PTFE)

N9000-13 RF(Microwave Performance, PTFE)

HT-04503 (Thermal Conductivity 2.2,Copper or Aluminum)

LTI-04503 (Thermal Conductivity 2.2,Copper or Aluminum)

MP-06503 (Thermal Conductivity 1.3,Copper or Aluminum)

IT-140BS (Medium Tg 135)

IT-180BS (High Tg 175,Lead-Free,CAF resistance)

IT-140GBS (Halogen Free,Lead-Free,CAF resistance)

370HR / 370 TURBO (High Tg 180,Low CTE for reliability)

FR406 (High Tg 170,Approvals:IPC-4101C /21/24/26/28)

FR408HR (High Tg 190,Lead-Free,Low CTE reliability)

FR-4-86(TG140)、 NP-150R(TG150) 、NP-180R(TG180) 、NPG-R(Halogen free,TG150) 、NPG-170R(Halogen free,TG170)、 NP-140TL PY(High CTI)

Dupont Pyralux AP flexible laminate (AP 9111R, AP 9121R)

Dupont Kapton FPC (Polyimide film, Kapton FPC film)

Dupont Pyralux FR Film (FR0110,FR0120)

OhmegaPly RCM (Resistor Conductor Material)

OhmegaPly Laminates(bonded to PTFE materials)

OhmegaPly ORBIT,OhmegaFlex,OhmegaPly RF/FaradFlex

Solder Resist

PSR-4000 MH (Green,Matt,Higher Reliability)

PSR-4000 BEC 50 (Bule,Gloss,Higher Reliability)

PSR-4000 LEW 3 (White,Gloss,Higher Reliability)

Probimer 77/71101 (Halogen free,Green Matt,Excellent ENIG resistance)

Probimer 77/72101 (Halogen free,Green Semi Matt)


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12 Feb 2015
A set of new laminate machine with hot and cool press is installed on the plant and we adjust layout of laminate process in order to increase production capacity and capability.... More »

18 Dec 2014
In order to response “clean production” from government, we use natural gas on boiler of laminate machine and staff canteen on the plant..... More »

4 Jan 2014
Sample of copper block plugged in the hole is submited to customer successfully .....More »

8 Dec 2013 
Automatic exposure machine of solder mask is installed on the plant.....More »

13 Oct 2013 
Two new SCHMOLL drilling machines are used on the plant,Als Super microetching line before SM print is installed on the plant ....More »