Carbon PCB

Throttle Position Sensor Carbon PCB

What's Throttle Position Sensor Carbon PCB ?

Throttle Position Sensor Carbon PCB also calls Throttle Position Sensor Resistor PCB having a potentiometer module which fits into a connector casing for mounting on a carburetor or and air-fuel mixture control system for an internal combustion engine. The position sensor assembly is mounted such that movement of the butterfly valve and thus the throttle, acts to move the wiper element of the potentiometer in a predictable manner.

Appilcation:Throttle Position Sensor, automobile throttle position sensor, motorcycle throttle position sensor, truck throttle position sensor, industrial throttle position sensor.

Specification :

Layers:1 Layer

Thickness: 1.0mm

Material : FR4, TG150, IT180A


Surface Treatment : ENIG

Special Process:Carbon Resistors

Appilcation:TPS (Bosch)

SPEC: Resistane Value : 2.5 K ohm +/-10%

Linearity variation tolerance: < +/-1. 0% (Laser Trimming )


Thick Film Resistor PCB Capability

Substrate Material : FR4, Alumina ( 96%AL2O3), PI (Polyimide), SUS304

Conductor material: Copper, Ag/Pd (Silver palladium)

Thick Film thickness (height): 15um +/-5 um

Minimum Thick Film Track Width: 0.2 mm +/-0.05 mm

Minimum Thick Film Track Spacing (clearance): 0.2 mm

Minimum covered width (Carbon to Copper) : 0.25mm (importance)

Resistance range: can be from 100M ohms/square, 100K ohms/square, 10K ohm/square…. 10 ohms/square

Resistance Tolerance: +/-10%(Standard), or less than +/-1% (Laser trimming)

Resistance Linearity tolerance: < 1 %

Carbon ink Durability (Life Time): 5 million minimum

Temperature rating: -40℃/+125℃

More information, Please refer to "Thick Film Resistor PCB"