Carbon PCB

Thick Film Alumina PCB

What is TFR Alumina PCB (96%AL2O3 Material) , Please refer to Here


Thickness: 1.0mm

Material : Alumina ( 96%AL2O3)


Surface Treatment : Thick Film Resistor

Special Process:Silver Palladium

Appilcation:Throttle Position Sensor

SPEC: Resistane Value 0-200 K ohm +/-10%

Linearity tolerance: < +/-1.5%

Thick Film Resistor PCB Capability

Substrate Material : FR4, Alumina ( 96%AL2O3), PI (Polyimide), SUS304

Conductor material: Copper, Ag/Pd (Silver palladium)

Thick Film thickness (height): 15um +/-5 um

Minimum Thick Film Track Width: 0.2 mm +/-0.05 mm

Minimum Thick Film Track Spacing (clearance): 0.2 mm

Minimum covered width (Carbon to Copper) : 0.25mm (importance)

Resistance range: can be from 100M ohms/square, 100K ohms/square, 10K ohm/square…. 10 ohms/square

Resistance Tolerance: +/-10%(Standard), or less than +/-1% (Laser trimming)

Resistance Linearity tolerance: < 1 %

Carbon ink Durability (Life Time): 5 million minimum

Temperature rating: -40℃/+125℃

More information, Please refer to "Thick Film Resistor PCB"