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Planar High Voltage Ceramic Resistors

What's Planar High Voltage Ceramic Resistors?

Planar High Voltage Ceramic Resistors with proprietary non-inductive design, high precision, low temperature coefficient, low voltage coefficient, high stability, high temperature silicone coating. Planar High Voltage Ceramic Resistors bring precision high voltage capabilities to surface mount applications. Designed with thick film on alumina substrate technology, the resistors can be provided in ratios down to 0.5% with custom configurations available. The planar package design is low profile for easy use with instrumentation, medical equipment, voltage regulators, and power supplies.
◆ rated power: 2.5w-20w

◆ resistance range: 10 Ω ~ 1000m Ω

◆ allowable deviation: ± 1% ~ ± 10%

◆ temperature coefficient: minimum ± 50ppm (25 ℃ ~ 105 ℃)

◆ insulation withstand voltage: > 1000VDC

◆ insulation resistance: ≥ 10g Ω

◆ working temperature range: - 55 ℃ ~ + 225 ℃

◆ maximum working voltage: 48kvdc

◆ inductance: non inductive

◆ connectors: tinned iron cap

◆ resistance installation: Welding

◆ overload: 5p value does not exceed 1.5umax5s, Δ R≤±0.2%R

◆ service life: rated power 1000h, Δ R≤±0.5%R

◆ steady state damp heat: mil-std-202, method 103, condition D, Δ R≤±0.4%R

◆ thermal shock: mil-std-202, method 107, condition C, Δ R≤±0.2%R


Motor drive circuits

Snubber circuits


Capacitor charge/discharge

High-frequency circuits

Impulse generators

High-voltage circuits

X-ray equipment

High voltage power supplies

Laser/Imaging equipment

Capacitor charge/discharge

RF dummy loads

Dynamic braking

Transformer protection

For more information ,Please refer to "Thick-Film-Hybrid-Circuit"