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Thick Film Ceramic Heater

What's Thick Film Ceramic Heater?

Thick Film Ceramic Heater are used when high temperatures are required, fast responses or temperature gradients are needed or products need to be heated in certain areas in a targeted way. Thick Film Ceramic Heater typical operating temperatures range from 300°C to 700°C (550°F – 1300°F) producing infrared wavelengths ideal for caramelization of breads, warming and heating of foods, curing of coatings, and softening or welding of plastics. Thick Film Ceramic Heater are capable of transferring up to 92% of their input as radiant energy, maximum efficiency is reached when the emitted wavelength and the absorption spectrum of the material to be heated are optimized.
Appilcation:Instruments, meters, microfiltration furnace, industrial equipment, household appliances, frequency converter products

Layers:1 Layer
Thickness: 1.0mm
Material : Alumina ,96%AL2O3 (Ceramic)
Surface Treatment : Silver coating with Glass glaze film
Special Process:Thick film carbon resistor
Ceramic Heater SPEC: Resistane Value : 10M ohm +/-10% (Customizable)
Operating temperature range: 120-180℃
Working voltage : > 30KV (AC)
Dielectric strength : >1250Vrmas/50Hz/1min

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